End User Terms of Use

  • All G12able reusable products (cups, pizza container etc..) remain the property of G12able Solutions AB at all times.

  • Cups, lids and Pizza containers are used for serving the End Users by the issuing cafe or restaurant on behalf of G12able Solutions AB, and on payment of membership fee. Payment of a usage fee does not indicate a sale of the products.

  • By using G12able Solutions cup or lid or pizza containers, the End User agrees to return it to the network within days.
  • Cups, lids and the pizza containers can only be issued to End Users with drinks & food in them. They are not available for sale and will not be issued empty or in bulk. (An alternate license for corporate may be available for such service, please contact G12able Solutions AB directly.)
  • Participating partners (Café & Restaurants) may choose to reject returned cups and lids that are mouldy. Please rinse first.
  • In the event that the cup/lids or pizza container are not returned within the specific period, G12able Solutions AB may exercise discretion on accepting the cups/lids.
  • You must not borrow a defective, damaged or defaced Product. If you borrow such a Product, you must notify us of such a condition by emailing us at info@g12ablesolutions.se. If you fail to notify us, we may deem that you caused the damage during the period of your rental, and you may be liable to compensate us in accordance with the fees set for the specific product.
    – If the Product or any part of it is stolen, lost or damaged during the period of your rental, you shall contact us immediately by emailing us at info@g12ablesolutions.se, and return the product to an employee at a Partner location. You shall be liable to compensate G12able Solutions AB for the missing or damaged Product in accordance with the specific fees set.
  • The App and Service is owned, operated and provided by G12able Solutions AB and use of the App and Service are subject to these Terms.
  • The App operates as an online platform which provides services to the customers (through a membership plan) and participating café and restaurants (Partners), which include but are not limited to:
    (a) Providing Customers with access to reusable products which are made available in our partner’s locations, ready for use by Customers.
    (b) A (‘Order, Enjoy, Return. & Repeat’ Scan System), is a system on the App for Customers who check out and return their reusable products to participating partners.
  • Your access to and use of the App and Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. If you disagree with any part of these Terms then you may not access or use the App or Service.